Unexpected Blessings, Wrapped in Unfortunate Events.

First and foremost, I want to give you a warm welcome and thank you for your interest in our store. My name is Sabrina Beltran, owner and founder of Moda Mia Boutique. I am a wife to a loyal, loving man, and a mother to four beautiful souls. At the beginning of 2022, just after my son's 2nd birthday, he suffered from a seizure for the second time in his life. Luckily, this seizure came at a time when my husband and I were both home so we were able to respond quickly, and I knew what to do, but the realization came to me that if this had happened just a few hours earlier, my son would have still been with his babysitter, and I would have been at work, oblivious to the situation. That realization shook me to the core. After a discussion with my husband, we decided the best solution would be for me to quit my job and dedicate myself to our children and household. So, after making it to the end of a raging pandemic I found myself suddenly at home, without a plan, and without work. This may sound like a desirable situation for some, but I am not the woman who is content with simplicity. I knew I had to get something going. I threw myself full force into looking for remote jobs from home, however at that time all I had was my cell phone. Needless to say, I was unsuccessful at doing so. That didn't stop me; I knew I still needed something to occupy me. I started to do some soul searching and thought about what it is that really brings me joy and contentment. Did I really want another work-for-the-man run of the mill job? I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur; I had even naively started a few "businesses" in my very early 20's, all of which, of course, were unsuccessful. I was not in an adequate mental space during that time to run a business. However, in my late 20's, I had overcome a lot of trauma, I had taken control of my mental health, and I was at home with all the time I needed to really nurture a business. I thought about what business I wanted to go into and I immediately saw a need in my community for clothing for women who want to feel sexy, bold, and glamorous. I jumped right into research, and I found a wholesale vendor that didn't require a permit. I purchased my first few garments right away, before I had even thought of a name or a business structure, but I was sure this was something I would be passionate about. After that first initial purchase, I was able to very quickly sell those items to a few of my latina friends who encouraged me and assured me that I was on the right path. Words of affirmation? That was speaking my love language and all it took for me to know that this is the mark I will leave on the world. Now, I am 3 months into my wesbite launch, I have made everything official, crushed monthly goals, and I am working on my first local vendor event. I thank God and St Jude for this unexpected opportunity, and to my customers -- thank you for giving Moda Mia Boutique your preference for your shopping needs! XoXo
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